As a child I grew up obsessed with solving puzzles. As I approached adolescence, that obsession became more focused, and was directed mostly at hacking. The idea of knowing a system so thoroughly that you could bend it to your will was enthralling. The computer became my new puzzle. When it came time to pick a major I quickly settled on computer science. I had known from elementary that this is what I wanted to do. However, once entering college I was exposed to new ideas and new concepts that I could not have previously imagined. Science began to captivate me in a way it never had in high school. A year into college I decided that I had a new favorite puzzle: in whatever little way I could, I wanted to learn how to hack the universe. I switched majors to physics and have never looked back.

I am now a senior student with one semester left before graduating. I hope to pursue graduate studies afterwards. When this blog was started I was just starting a class in quantum mechanics. I am presently two weeks away from finishing that class. While there are times that it feels like my brain is bulging from all the new information I have acquired, I know that I still have a long way to go. With this blog I hope to learn new things in the field of quantum mechanics, supplement my pre-existing knowledge, and contribute a little here and there.

I look forward to talking to you all.



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