Latex and Equations

Since I’m lazy I’m using a modified text that I’ve already used elsewhere. hosted blogs cater to mathematically inclined readers and authors since it natively supports the use of LateX:

  1. LateX support.
  2. Math for the masses.
  3. I also advice you to read this page on Terry Tao’s blog in order for you to get a better picture of what works or doesn’t in

Even though having native LateX support is certainly a great thing writing posts in used to be somewhat bothersome. Luca Trevisan’s python script, that converts a LateX file into a html friendly file, changed all that. Now writing posts is greatly simplified and the end result looks a lot better and needs a lot less effort.


One comment on “Latex and Equations

  1. […] the page LateX and Equations I’ve already said some things about LateX and LateX in, but on this post […]

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