Up until my early 20’s I never liked organized learning ( that is “out of a book” ), however I always felt, and was told, that I was very curious/interested in the “how’s and why’s” of things I observed as a kid (perhaps this is not out of the ordinary for any youth?)… However, my complete disdain for school begining in the early elementery years probably was odd considering my inquisitive nature.

If I was told in my adolescence that I would become fond of mathematics/physics I would have giggled to myself. Getting to the point, I’m rapidly approaching 27, I’m studying to be a mechanical engineer and my motivation to do my own coursework is oscillatory at best. Yet, I find myself attempting to breach the infinite/ possibly paradoxical hallways of QM in my spare time just 4 short years from education ground zero.

I feel that I’ve come along way in my personal journey of the mind and that is in no small way thanks to the author of this blog ( as I’ve been hounding him with questions ever since), and all the others who have helped me along the way… but will this be to much? I guess time will tell!


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  1. joeschmo26 says:

    Ok, I believe I am onboard until this point.

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