The near future

Let me start by saying that this is possibly the last announcement on my part for the near future.

After thinking it about it for a while and taking into account that most people on this blog don’t have a Physics degree and that the target audience for this blog is people that don’t have a Physics degree but would like to know more about Quantum Mechanics I’ve decided to throw in a few posts about Classical Physics.

The idea behind this slight change of plans is that I want to introduce people to sophisticated (not that sophisticated) mathematical machinery in settings that people’s physical intuition works so that when one is on a territory where their physical intuition doesn’t work we at least have the fall back of having a mathematical knowledge of what’s going on.

Thus at one point we understand the Physics and get used to the Math and at the other point we understand the Math and get used to the Physics.

We’ll start with Classical Physics taking a look at Newton’s formalism, Lagrange’s formalism and Hamilton’s formalism, then we’ll take a look at some Electrodynamics and finally some Thermodynamics. In all of this we won’t just be doing theoretical work but we will also be solving exercises so that we can check if we really are understanding the subject matter.

After this is through, and this will take something like two or three months, we’ll take at some historical pivotal moments in Quantum Mechanics, just because it is customary, then we’ll start our study of Quantum Mechanics.


4 comments on “The near future

  1. palynka says:

    I’d prefer to go straight to Griffiths’ book, but I obviously will respect your decision if you still want to go ahead with it. The main reason is that I really like the idea that we’ll follow a textbook .This helps structuring the whole process and also gives us a better idea of where we stand at each point in time.

    Just my 0.02$

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